Sunday, 30 August 2020

FISTF Pyramid

FISTF service for all players and clubs.

The FISTF Pyramid explains the organ-isation structure of FISTF. It clarifies the different terms such as Federation, Con-federation and Association. These three main oganisation levels are important for the world of sports table football to create the proper understandable FISTF system.

The FISTF document (*pdf) can be downloaded from the FISTF data centre/download library.

Read and study the document which will help you to set-up a poper club and its internal club competitions. It is a fine guide for all clubs around the world and gives club organizers a good direction.

The reason is such, that outsiders or newcomers will understand the com-petition system in clubs. World wide players will not be confused of different club organisations.

FISTF's motivation is to create a norm understanding for development and education work, although we emphasize that each club must keep its origin identity.

The ongoing development of FISTF with Confederations (Continental Regions) and its Member National Associations (MNA) (Nations, countries) shall motivate new and young emerging Associations (MNAP) in countries to join FISTF.

The MNAs and MNAPs are organizing several main international competitions for any player interested to participate. The base of work is done in clubs who train and learn the game to newcomers. FISTF supports organizers with our documents for better understanding of the world wide  game.

The most important feature for all players must be the enjoyment of flicking, no matter of playing level or playing quality. Every person has a different approach or motivation of the game.

Clubs are the home of each player and he must have a comfortable enviroment to practice and train with youngsters. Youth players are the future of FISTF and the sport.

Is your club a Training Centre with certificate? Apply now!

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The General Secretary

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

FISTF Training Centre Certification re-installed

FISTF is re-installing the Certification (Diploma) for clubs who apply for a recognised Training Centre. Information can be read in the official Handbook 2019 and in the 'new' HB 2020 version with updated information. (Coming in September 2020)

The FISTF website has an interesting link:

The application form F21A (new and updated 2020) will be able to be dowloaded soon. You can dowload at

Write an E-Mail to FISTF General Secretary to receive a copy of the Form 21A.

Each club who is able to offer good training conditions for players and youth, will have an advantage to get more members and players, find sponsors and partners. Parents want to see their children having fun in a relaxed atmosphere without smoking in training areas, which is a health issue indeed.
Enough playing tables and material, as well as trainiers shall be available to teach the sport.

In the application form the club will need to confirm and proof the necessary ten (10) FISTF conditions. After verification your sports table football club will receive Certificatie and Diplom level.

The Clubs Certificate shall be shown in the club room for visitors to read on an information board or in a foto frame on the wall.

FISTF General Secretary

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Youth Champions League 2020

Youth Champions League (YCL) an the Youth Star League  (YSL) is the team event for players U-19, U-15 and U-12. Have you read the information on the FISTF Website? Have you considered participating with your club in this fantastic youth european development event? The Youth Star League is the consolidation event of teams eliminated in the group stage of the YCL. A real cool tournament.

Motivate your young players to meet other young players up to the age of 19. Age category  according to our FISTF youth regulations.

Your domestic national association is not FISTF member?
Send us an email application for possible participation.
Date: A new date will be announced, due to Covid-19 postponement of the event, due to be playin may 2020. 

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pre - presentation

2nd Edition in 2020

Host: ASD Bologna Tigers

Later in 2020

Link: Youth information

Did you know this?

In the Official Handbook 2019, under article §11.10 FISTF Youth Champions League, page 33 (*.pdf file) you can read all necessary informations to select your team! Download the official handbook in our datacentre section on the FISTF website.

(i) Youth teams can also be entered into the Youth Champions League if they consist of youth players of different clubs that do not have their own youth team, but belong to the same region (County-UK, Kanton-CH, Bundesland-AUT, etc) or nation, that may join together to form a new youth team in the interest of sports development.
Check (verify) in what 'administrative region' you live in your domestic country.

(p) Youth Star League  (YSL), will be played by the eliminated teams from the group stage.
A great sports opportunity for all youth players to win the YCL or the YSL.

Participate with your club or the regional team and get your honors.

Contact FISTF General Secretary.

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The  FISTF  world

We are having contact to 40 countries.

Can you name them?

Friday, 10 April 2020

FISTF seeking for Authors reporting on sports table football

Dear Sportsfriends,

FISTF is planning to re-use the FISTF-blog for international reports on club championships, club knock-out cup, league cups and other club tournaments, interesting historic facts and  interviews, so that we get a wider spread presenting sports table football. If you wish to report as an author, post and upload on the FISTF blog, then please contact us through the FISTF website (Email). The President and the General Secretary are the contacts under Board of Directors.

Reporting about FISTF events.
Report, results of club events and 1-4 pictures would create interesting information and viewing for the readers.
Authors can apply and will be added after an interview to the blog.
Uploading will be speedy.
This will help your association and club to become more well known.

Blog regulations: Well, without them it want work properly. Font, size, design and structure for good reading, no bad language, no false information shall be posted. Short sentences will be translated easier. There is a seperate page (top bar) to view the blog regulations and we appriciate your kind understanding.

Report in your local and domestic language, so that you reach people in your region.
Greek, spanish, portuguese, afrikaans, german, romanian, hungarian, french, japanese, durch, danish, russian, italian, serbian, finnish, swedish, norwegian and many more can be used.
The google translater will do its job (as good as it gets).

Active advertisement will not be permitted, but sen inquiry to FISTF Board of Directors.
The FISTF admins will reserve the right, to correct and/or delete of non-confirmaty reports.

FISTF,  sports table football - at its best
The General Secretary

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Koutis wins the Major of Athens

Koutis (right) with Josef Camilleri from Malta
On June 21 and 22, the Athens Major took place in Ilioupoli sports hall. 97 different players took part in the individual categories. with the exception of three foreigners (Eddie Belloto, Josef and Mauro Camilleri) all the others are from Hellas.
In the open category (60), Giorgos Koutis was the winner. Nikos Beis reached the final. Kostas Seses and Spyros Hantzaras the semi-finalists
In the veterans (21) Periklis Dimopoulos was the winner, beating Lazaros Papakonstantinou in the final. Chris Aggelinas and Panagiotis Haratsis were the semi-finalists
we also had women category (6). Dionysia Koulosousa was the winner. Arkos Falelakis won both under 15 (9) and under 12 (6) categories. Both times he faced Vaggelis Kotrotsos in the final.
In the under 19 (6), Nikos haratsis was the winner.
Day 2 we had the team competition. 15 teams competed for the throphy. The home team of Roligans beat Falcons on goals in the final. Serenissima and Atlas reached the semi-finals.

(Report by Chris Aggelinas)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Nicos Beis is the king in Athens

Sunday, June 15th, the individual categories of the Acropolis Grand Prix were played with three categories in the agenda.

In the under 19 section, 4 players competed for the trophy. Manos Kapsambelis was the winner, Giorgos Vlassopoulos was second, Vasilis Nitis third and Michalis Apostolidis fourth.

In the veterans 16 players were present. Lazaros Papakonstantinou beat in the final Giorgos Aggelinas. Sotiris Korologos and Marcos Kapsambelis were the semi-finalists.

In the open category (44 players) Nicos Beis was the winner, Spyros Hantzaras was the runner-up. Kostas Seses and Dimitris Kosmopoulos were the semi-finalists.

In the team event of the saturday, 13 teams competed for the trophy. The final was close and the Falcons beat Roligans in the sudden death thanks to a goal of Spyros Hantzaras. Athinaikos and Olympia, reached the semi-finals.

(Report with the help of Chris Aggelinas)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Chris Short wins the English GP

The Open final between Chris Short and Mark Gauci (referee Nathan Dupont)
The FISTF Grand Prix of England took part last week in Enderby with a large field of 63 players from 12 nations. It was great to see many close games even if in the end the two top seeds of the tournament reached the semi-finals. At this stage, Chris Short beat Chris Thomas on shots while Mark Gauci beat Nathan Dupont (4-3). In the final, Short scored the only goal of the game in the sudden death to win the title. Other winners in the categories were Elliott Bellefontaine (U19), Connor Bowden (U15), Mauro Manganello (Veterans), Margault Delval (Ladies) and Kye Arnold (U12).. In the team event, 14 teams took part. In the final, the Maltese team of Valletta beat the Belgians of AS Hennuyer (1-0) to catch the title.

Bob Green was the only representative from Australia. He managed to reach the quarter-finals of the veterans section. Well done Bob!