Sunday, 30 August 2020

FISTF Pyramid

FISTF service for all players and clubs.

The FISTF Pyramid explains the organ-isation structure of FISTF. It clarifies the different terms such as Federation, Con-federation and Association. These three main oganisation levels are important for the world of sports table football to create the proper understandable FISTF system.

The FISTF document (*pdf) can be downloaded from the FISTF data centre/download library.

Read and study the document which will help you to set-up a poper club and its internal club competitions. It is a fine guide for all clubs around the world and gives club organizers a good direction.

The reason is such, that outsiders or newcomers will understand the com-petition system in clubs. World wide players will not be confused of different club organisations.

FISTF's motivation is to create a norm understanding for development and education work, although we emphasize that each club must keep its origin identity.

The ongoing development of FISTF with Confederations (Continental Regions) and its Member National Associations (MNA) (Nations, countries) shall motivate new and young emerging Associations (MNAP) in countries to join FISTF.

The MNAs and MNAPs are organizing several main international competitions for any player interested to participate. The base of work is done in clubs who train and learn the game to newcomers. FISTF supports organizers with our documents for better understanding of the world wide  game.

The most important feature for all players must be the enjoyment of flicking, no matter of playing level or playing quality. Every person has a different approach or motivation of the game.

Clubs are the home of each player and he must have a comfortable enviroment to practice and train with youngsters. Youth players are the future of FISTF and the sport.

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