Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Subbuteo action at the Hamleys in Kuala Lumpur

On February 22, the players of the Hartamas Tigers Subbuteo Club in Kuala Lumpur had an exhibition at the famous Hamleys store. Two tables were set up for demos and friendly games and there will be more demos like this every last saturday of the month from now on. Stadiums were decorated with decals of the Hamleys brand but also with stickers of the current clubs partners (FISTF, WASPA, Singapore Subbuteo Association, Imagine games and the Minister of youth and sports). Coach Mike Dent and five young players were present to show the game to the visitors. The demo had a big impact as the "Star Newspaper" was present to cover to event and Mike Dent was interviewed by the reporter. On every subbuteo product sold in the shop, a sticker mentionned the existence of the Hartamas Tigers club. Well done for a great promotion!
Coach Mike Dent (right)

Promotion stickers on the boxes

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The honors for Gareth Christie in Glasgow

Yorkshire Phoenix beat Tayside Kickers in the team event final in the Glasgow International Open at the Normandy Hotel this sunday. On saturday, the individual tournament was full of surprises. Gareth Christie of the Tayside Kickers won the Open final against Bristol's Paulo Gouveia (2-1 in sudden death) while Daniel Scheen from Stembert (Belgium) won the veterans and his son Noé Scheen won the U15 section. Well done to all.
Gareth Christie and Paulo Gouveia

Stamokostas and Olympia are the winners in Patras

This week-end, the Satellite of Patras was played in Greece. The host club was the local club of Achaioi and there was a good turnout of 32 open players, 9 veterans, 10 U15 kids and 7 teams. The guys of Olympia B beat Roligans in the team final while Athinaikos and Achaioi reached the semis. In the Open category, Kostas Stamokostas was the big winner as he defeated Dimitris Kosmopoulos in sudden death. The other winners were Dimitris Dimopoulos (U15) abd Periklis Dimopoulos (veterans).

Wayne Smith wins at home

The Southern California Subbuteo Club had a tournament in Simi Valley, California this sunday with 7 players taking part.T he torunament had the double status as it was a FISTF Challenger and also a WASPA tournament. After the group stage, Wayne Smith and Varant Kurkeyerian respectively beat Cameron Tucker and Rob Tucker to qualif for the final. In the decisive game, Wayne Smith scored the winning goal in the sudden death to claim the trophy. Congratulations to Wayne.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Falcons win in Athens

The Falcons Athens won on saturday the International Open of Athens "Dimitris Salamouris", playing in the final against Olympia Club Subbuteo (score 2-0).

On sunday, 32 players competed in the Open category. Nikos Beis was the winner of the day after beating Spyros Hantzaras in the final. Giorgos Koutis and Antonis Kastelanos reached the semis. Periklis Dimopoulos was the best of the 15 Veterans, beating Sotiris Korologos in the final while Giorgos Aggelinas and Lazaros Papakonstantinou were the semi-finalists.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Results of Issy

The grand prix of France took place this week-end in Issy, near Paris. There were more than 180 players taking part. On saturday, the belgian team of "Rochefort TS" won the team event as they beat the italian squad of Fiamme Azzurre in the final (3-1). On sunday, Vasco Guimaraes, the portuguese player of the Bristol club, won the Open category while Charles Aquilina from Malta on the team event. Emilie Despretz beat Lydie Pinchart to win the ladies section.

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Filipe Maia and Tiburones players take the honors in Tires

The International Open of Tires took place on January 25 and 26 in Portugal with a good field of players from the home country and from Spain. Int he Open category, it was a surprising final beteen the "old" Filipe Maia and the "young" António Casín. The player of CCT Roma took the honors and won 2-0. António Casín later beat David González in the U19 final while Jesus Moreno, also from Tiburones, won the U15 section. António Montaño from Spain beat clubmate Nuno Noronha to win the veterans final. The team event was played as a group of five team and the A-team of Tiburones FM won all their games to win the title.
Good job by Filipe Maia, the Open champion

Antonio Montano gets the trophy from Ricardo pPvao