Tuesday, 18 August 2020

FISTF Training Centre Certification re-installed

FISTF is re-installing the Certification (Diploma) for clubs who apply for a recognised Training Centre. Information can be read in the official Handbook 2019 and in the 'new' HB 2020 version with updated information. (Coming in September 2020)

The FISTF website has an interesting link:   https://fistf.com/fistf-training-centres/

The application form F21A (new and updated 2020) will be able to be dowloaded soon. You can dowload at  https://fistf.com/documents-library/

Write an E-Mail to FISTF General Secretary to receive a copy of the Form 21A.
E-Mail:  secretary@fistf.com

Each club who is able to offer good training conditions for players and youth, will have an advantage to get more members and players, find sponsors and partners. Parents want to see their children having fun in a relaxed atmosphere without smoking in training areas, which is a health issue indeed.
Enough playing tables and material, as well as trainiers shall be available to teach the sport.

In the application form the club will need to confirm and proof the necessary ten (10) FISTF conditions. After verification your sports table football club will receive Certificatie and Diplom level.

The Clubs Certificate shall be shown in the club room for visitors to read on an information board or in a foto frame on the wall.

FISTF General Secretary

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