Saturday, 18 April 2020

Youth Champions League 2020

Youth Champions League (YCL) an the Youth Star League  (YSL) is the team event for players U-19, U-15 and U-12. Have you read the information on the FISTF Website? Have you considered participating with your club in this fantastic youth european development event? The Youth Star League is the consolidation event of teams eliminated in the group stage of the YCL. A real cool tournament.

Motivate your young players to meet other young players up to the age of 19. Age category  according to our FISTF youth regulations.

Your domestic national association is not FISTF member?
Send us an email application for possible participation.
Date: A new date will be announced, due to Covid-19 postponement of the event, due to be playin may 2020. 

FISTF Youth Logo
pre - presentation

2nd Edition in 2020

Host: ASD Bologna Tigers

Later in 2020

Link: Youth information

Did you know this?

In the Official Handbook 2019, under article §11.10 FISTF Youth Champions League, page 33 (*.pdf file) you can read all necessary informations to select your team! Download the official handbook in our datacentre section on the FISTF website.

(i) Youth teams can also be entered into the Youth Champions League if they consist of youth players of different clubs that do not have their own youth team, but belong to the same region (County-UK, Kanton-CH, Bundesland-AUT, etc) or nation, that may join together to form a new youth team in the interest of sports development.
Check (verify) in what 'administrative region' you live in your domestic country.

(p) Youth Star League  (YSL), will be played by the eliminated teams from the group stage.
A great sports opportunity for all youth players to win the YCL or the YSL.

Participate with your club or the regional team and get your honors.

Contact FISTF General Secretary.

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