Friday, 10 April 2020

FISTF seeking for Authors reporting on sports table football

Dear Sportsfriends,

FISTF is planning to re-use the FISTF-blog for international reports on club championships, club knock-out cup, league cups and other club tournaments, interesting historic facts and  interviews, so that we get a wider spread presenting sports table football. If you wish to report as an author, post and upload on the FISTF blog, then please contact us through the FISTF website (Email). The President and the General Secretary are the contacts under Board of Directors.

Reporting about FISTF events.
Report, results of club events and 1-4 pictures would create interesting information and viewing for the readers.
Authors can apply and will be added after an interview to the blog.
Uploading will be speedy.
This will help your association and club to become more well known.

Blog regulations: Well, without them it want work properly. Font, size, design and structure for good reading, no bad language, no false information shall be posted. Short sentences will be translated easier. There is a seperate page (top bar) to view the blog regulations and we appriciate your kind understanding.

Report in your local and domestic language, so that you reach people in your region.
Greek, spanish, portuguese, afrikaans, german, romanian, hungarian, french, japanese, durch, danish, russian, italian, serbian, finnish, swedish, norwegian and many more can be used.
The google translater will do its job (as good as it gets).

Active advertisement will not be permitted, but sen inquiry to FISTF Board of Directors.
The FISTF admins will reserve the right, to correct and/or delete of non-confirmaty reports.

FISTF,  sports table football - at its best
The General Secretary

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