Sunday, 5 January 2014

Björn Kegenbein wins in Vienna

The Grand Prix of Austria takes place this week-end in Vienna and the individual tournament was played on saturday. Björn Kegenbein from Germany beat Wolfgang Leitner in the final of the Open category (3-1) to win the title. Robert Lenz beat Claudio Dogali (2-1) in the veterans final and Trisha Baumeler (Switzerland) was the ladies winner.
Leitner and Kegenbein in the Open final

The podium of the Ladies section (picture by Heinz Köhler)

In the youth, Alwin Krause and Marios Strommer dominated the tournament. Krause beat Strommer in the U15 final while Strommer beat Krause in the U12 section.

On sunday, the team event was a very international affair with the Italian team of Sanremo beating the Germans of Sparta Spreeathen in the final. Well done to the organizers for a great tournament!

A lot of great pictures can be found here:!/oa/7007765/media/97220529/

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