Friday, 13 December 2013

Way to go in Singapore

Last week-end two tournaments were held in Singapore under FISTF banner. We already reported the french triumph in the Satellite event but there was also a Future held on saturday with 12 players taking part. Not only it was the very first time a FISTF tournament was played with the swiss system but also it was important to report that two players from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) were taking part. Every player had to play five games and at the end of the league table Giovanni Choong (Singapore Lions) came on top with 13 points. Amin Anis (Leste Aquila SC) was second with 12 points and qualified for the final. In the decisive game, Amin Anis won 1-0 to win the title. It was a great way to come back into the circuit after a one year break. Chihiro Takao was third and Jocelyn Goh was fourth.

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