Thursday, 28 November 2013

Results from the Grand Prix of Berlin

The Grand Prix of Berlin in Germany took place last week-end. There were many players from many different nattions taking part and the finals were as follows.

Open Final: Rasmus Lund (Denmark) vs Saverio Bari (Italy) 0-1 in sudden death
Veterans Final: Robert Lenz (Austria) vs Erich Hinkelmann(Austria) 1-2
Ladies Final: Emilie Despretz (Belgium) vs Lydie Pinchart (Belgium) 2-1
U19 Final: David Vantassel (Belgium) vs Marcel Kwiatkowski (Germany) 1-3
U15 Final: Leonardo Giudice (Italy) vs Fabio Bianco (Germany) 3-2 in sudden death
U12 Final: Marios Strommer (Austria) vs Leonardo Giudice (Italy) 3-2

In the team event, Rochefort Tables Soccer (Belgium) beat Subbuteo Club Grosseto (Italy) on goal-difference after a very close game (2-2).

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